Pet Resort

Veterinary Supervised Boarding

best-1637401_1920Our pet resort is veterinary supervised 7 days a week, and staffed by highly trained Animal Care Specialists to offer you peace of mind and assurance that if your pet becomes ill while you are away, we know what to do. We pay particular attention to individual needs, preferences, personalities and conditions of your pet(s), and care for your pets as we would our own.

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Our Dog Suites

Canine guests enjoy individual spacious indoor accommodations. The well-lighted environment is appropriately ventilated and maintained at a comfortable temperature. Each suite is provided with an orthopedic bed (for those non-chewers), regularly fresh water and properly cleaned and sanitized. Your “best friend” is continually monitored throughout the day to ensure his/her health and happiness.

Our Cat Suitescat-468232_1920

Cats love to spend time observing others. Feline guests enjoy spacious and comfortable feline living. All our cat suites are well ventilated and your pet is continually monitored throughout the day to ensure his/her health and happiness. Each is provided with a comfortable bed or mat for comfort and naturally each suite is always maintained with proper fresh water and sanitation.

Vet Services
We provide a wide variety of veterinary services to assist you and your pet. Learn more about the services we offer and how we're different.

Pet Health Checker
Use our Pet Health Checker tool to help you decide if your pet's symptoms require immediate attention or if you should continue to monitor those symptoms at home.

Pet Health Library
We share the same goal – ensuring your animal companion is healthy and happy!